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Preconstruction Design and Value Engineering

There are always opportunites to rationalise drywall system design and specification.

Different plasterboard and metal framing combinations can provide optimum performance against dimension and costs.

Drytech has over over 30-years of experience in the drywall industry and has specialist leading ability to help offer the correct system for the clients requirements.

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Drywall and Ceilings

Drywall is the American term for partitioning and drylining. Three UK manufacturers offer high quality systems to meet fire – acoustic – and structural performance.

Drytech offers high standards of installation with proven detailing to ensure a snag free construction on even the most complex and demanding projects.

Specialist works include:

  • Dylining and partitioning

  • Suspended ceilings

  • Lay-in grid ceilings

  • Fire protection

  • Tape and jointing

  • Plasterng

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Steel Frame Systems

Steel Framing Systems – SFS are now common place in UK construction.

Using high strength steel profiles to form load-bearing external walls to form the typical basis of a facade system to allow for a water-tight envelope in the quickest possible time.

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Drytech can provide the installation of all types of passive fire protection systems.

Our Fire stopping work is carried out to the highest standards; we are committed to quality, safety and service as a FIRAS registered Contractor.

A full audit and on-going management of all works undertaken by our qualified installer.

Full certification of our installations for your on-going fire safety management.

Fire stopping Services

  • Intumescent sealant to provide an effective smoke and acoustic seal to walls and service holes.
  • Non-decorative mineral fibre and powder-coated batts to larger service openings
  • Pipe wraps and collars
  • Sealing of structural openings through floor slabs using load bearing intumescent mortar
  • Sealing of structural openings through floor slabs using load bearing intumescent mortar
  • Fire rated acoustic foam and coatings